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Cristina Vela & Jos Manuel Garc a-Margallo, Telef nica, S.A.

In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attack there have been calls for more security. Former UN special rapporteur Frank La Rue remarked that states have an obligation to protect citizens and strengthen security. He explained that surveillance can be used according to rules but the problem is that there is a loss of capacity in monitoring the procedures.

However mass surveillance is inherently an abuse of privacy .

Technologies are good in essence, the problem is the bad use of them. Technologies have helped in advancing Human Rights and empowering citizens, and through providing better access to knowledge have also had a positive impact on education and the media.

European Commission s DG Trade commented that they shared European Parliament s concerns on the export of surveillance tools to third countries. They expressed the need for a flexible and targeted approach.

Mr. Magnus Nord us (Digital Europe) showed his concerns regarding restrictions for export controls and highlighted that new control by the EU should be proportionate. Digital Technology has a lot of power in Human Rights, the greatest example was the Arab Spring.

From the academic point of view, Prof.

Marianne Kneuer commented that autocratic regimes are put under pressure by Internet but also offers attractive potential to these undemocratic regimes. Sarah McKune (Citizen Lab) thinks that collaboration and transparency are key when we talk about privacy and that trade measures such as export control needs to go hand in hand with other political measures.

Wenzel Michalski (Human Rights Watch) recalled how important is taking into consideration human rights when doing business. Ms Romero (European External Action Service) underlined what is evident in our eyes, surveillance should be based on the rule of law It s clear that we need to respect the rules.

To conclude MEP Marietje Schaake intervened to remind that security, technology, trade interests and Human Rights should go hand in hand and she emphasized the importance of creating smart European legislation taking into account multilateral agreements.

She ended up her intervention saying that companies should be responsible in those issues to avoid losing reputation and that self-regulation is not enough.

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Security guard awaits blood tests after being stabbed by needle …

A HOODED robber who threatened shop staff with a broken bottle was jailed for four years today (Thursday, January 29) after a judge heard of his crazed fortnight-long crime spree.

Dominic Stewart also brawled with a supermarket security guard who was stabbed with a needle as he tried to stop the 32-year-old shoplifting.

The brave guard – awaiting blood test results to see if he is infected – told how the struggle was the worst violence he has encountered in 20 years.

In a victim impact statement, he said he has been on tranquillisers to help him sleep and fears he will never get over the December 10 ordeal.

Ten days later, Stewart struck with the bottle at the Beechwood Convenience Store, Middlesbrough – from where he was banned – and escaped with cash.

A worker recognised him – despite having his hoodie pulled tight and a scarf over his face – when he said: “You’re getting robbed, give me all your money.”

Teesside1 Crown Court heard how Stewart – given lengthy sentences for robbery and burglary in the past – also committed a string of shoplifting offences.

Most of the crimes involved the theft of toiletries and chocolate which the court was told are easily sold on the streets to raise money to buy drugs.

On one occasion, Stewart snatched a 980 chain and boxing glove pendant after asking an assistant at a pawnbrokers in the town centre to show him it.

Garry a wood, mitigating, said his client had stayed out of trouble since his release from his last prison sentence – imposed in 2011 for burglary.

Stewart got a job as a landscaping labourer and started a family with his girlfriend – but relapsed when a DNA test showed the baby was not his.

Mr Wood said: “His employment was terminated and that seems to have had a far more detrimental impact on him. When he was waiting for work, he was led into temptation.

“He started using drugs, and drugs have played a huge role in the commission of these offences. He had made genuine attempts to stay out of trouble.”

Stewart, of Essex Street, Middlesbrough, admitted robbery, eight thefts and assault with intent to resist arrest, all between November 6 and December 20.

The security guard said in his statement: “I no longer feel safe at work and have considered leaving because I have never experienced that level of violence I was confronted with that day in 20 years.

“Words do not sum up the level of stress this has caused me.

I will never get over it.”


  1. ^ Teesside (

Worksop: Police commend Priory Centre security guard for …

Management at the Priory Shopping Centre were recently delighted to receive a letter from Notts Police commending the work of its security guard, Calum Cooper.

In early December, Calum assisted an officer who was detaining a male who was resisting arrest. Calum s bravery was recognised by the police at the scene who have since contacted the centre manager at the Priory to praise Calum for stepping in. In his letter chief superintendent of Notts Police, Mark Holland, commented: Without his intervention the situation could have turned quite nasty and I have no doubt that Calum s assistance prevented a potential assault.

On behalf of Notts Police please thank Calum for the assistance he gave to my officers. He is a credit to your company . This is not the first time that Calum s hard work has been recognised.

In April 2013 he, along with the shopping centre s entire security team, received an award for Best National Security Team at the British Security Industry Association Awards.



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