BlackBerry Acquires Movirtu

BlackBerry Acquires Movirtu   security training security guards patrols men communication blackberry security BLACKBERRY authority

Telecommunication equipment, BlackBerry, has announced the acquisition of Movirtu, a virtual SIM platform that allows multiple numbers to be active on a single device for an undisclosed amount in a move expected to improve device management in bring-your-own device (BYOD) and corporate owned personally enabled (COPE) environments.

With Movirtu s Virtual SIM platform, both a business number and a personal number can be used on a single mobile device, with separate billing for voice, data and messaging usage on each number. As a result, employees can switch between business and personal profiles easily without carrying multiple devices or SIM cards, and charges are appropriately billed to the company and the employee.

Additionally, in conjunction with the BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) platform, enterprise customers will be able to apply IT policies to the business number without impacting the usability of the device for personal use.

In a BYOD and COPE world, there remain a number of efficiency and convenience challenges facing enterprises, employees and mobile operators alike, said John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO, BlackBerry.

The acquisition of Movirtu complements our core strategy of providing additional value added services, and it will leverage our key assets, including our BES platform, along with our existing global infrastructure which is connected to a large number of mobile operators around the world.

The acquisition complements BlackBerry s Secure Work Space, BlackBerry Balance and other partitioning technologies, which give employees the freedom and privacy they want for their personal use while delivering the security and management needed for business use. With Movirtu, employees can switch between profiles for calls, data and messages, while on their home network and in roaming situations.

BlackBerry is the best partner to help us carry forward our vision of redefining the mobile experience by introducing virtual identities, said Carsten Brinkschulte, CEO, Movirtu.

We address the challenges of BYOD and COPE by providing our unique and innovative technology solution through BlackBerry s existing relationships with mobile operators and customers around the world.

The new Virtual SIM capabilities will be offered by BlackBerry through mobile operators to provide customers with multiple identity based service offerings.

BlackBerry will support the deployment of Movirtu technology by mobile operators on all major smartphone operating systems.

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BlackBerry Acquires Movirtu   security training security guards patrols men communication blackberry security BLACKBERRY authority

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Why Worry About Public Surveillance?

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In the aftermath of the killing in Ferguson, MO, three police officers none of whom are from the Ferguson police department were suspended after blatantly racist and extremist comments and unacceptable behavior. A Rock Island, IL sheriff recently pled guilty to cyberstalking and resigned.

Do you think that, given an opportunity, these local law enforcement officers and others of their ilk would use information gleaned from your cell phone in a responsible manner?

Would they respect information privacy?

Local law enforcement does have the opportunity. In September, news broke that owners of encrypted cell phones had identified 19 fake cell phone towers in various parts of the United States; it wasn t long before the towers were connected to the NSA, as well as local, regional and state law enforcement.

This enables something as simple as tracking a user s location or as potentially sinister as so-called Man in the Middle attacks where calls and texts can be heard or read before being forwarded on to a legitimate cell tower and the intended recipient. Is this a violation of physical security or cybersecurity?

Or both?

Do you trust your local law enforcement to protect your information privacy? How many police officers or sheriff s deputies are trained to understand these limits? In Florida a local police department used cell phone location information to conduct a search without a warrant.

What else can and will they do?

What have they done?

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LPM concern about low wages paid to security guards

By LPM – Monday, September 15th, 2014 at 2:36 PM LPM concern about low wages paid to security guards   women supervisors security guards men licence door courses

Melanius Alphonse.

PRESS RELEASE - If protecting property and lives is the rationale for posting security guards at both private and public businesses throughout the island, then the time has come to offer fair and adequate compensation to these individuals.

This call comes from Melanius Alphonse of the Lucian People s Movement (LPM), who laments the extremely low wages paid to workers operating within the security industry.

He adds that while the compensation offered to security guards lags behind that of most other employees in the country, there seems to be a lack of economic sense on the part of employers, who are currently oblivious to the fact that these men and women are unable to feed themselves and their families on such low wages.

According to Alphonse, In this dangerous environment in which an increase in armed robberies and break-ins is occurring throughout the island, you cannot ask people to risk their lives to protect business and property and then turn around and offer them EC$5.00 an hour for compensation. There must be an immediate review of the pay structure for security guards to bring it on par with that of most workers in the nation.

Alphonse has called upon the government of Saint Lucia to hasten the delivery of its 2011 electoral promises, which were supposed to make life better for all citizens. He states that until the government of Saint Lucia comes to its senses and accepts that the promises made have remained largely unfulfilled, there can be no relief for the workers of this country.

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