Teen Accused Of Dousing Security Guards With Gasoline Charged …

WILKINSBURG (KDKA) A 16-year-old girl is now charged as an adult after police say she poured gasoline on two school security guards and tried to set them on fire.

Wilkinsburg High School student Imani Knight-Brantley is being held in the Allegheny County Jail following the incident.

According to investigators, Wilkinsburg school security guard Brandon Murray was drenched in gasoline1 that was brought into the building by Knight-Brantley.

He s calling for tighter school security as a result of the incident.

I ve stressed all year, and this isn t my first year here, I ve stressed not allowing food and drinks in the building, said Murray. Had that been a policy in place she would have never been to get in to do this.

It all started Friday when officials say Knight-Brantley was caught with a cell phone and ordered to leave the building. She came back for an after-school meal.

Murray says that s when a fight broke out and she was allegedly seen instigating, so he told her to leave.

Authorities say the teenager claims Murray smacked a tray out of her hands and she hit him with a milk carton.

She claims he grabbed her by the neck, put her in a headlock and threatened to bite her.

Eventually, Knight-Brantley left the building but was told to come back Monday to face disciplinary action.

When she returned Monday, police say she asked to apologize to the security guard.

However, when she got close enough, police said the teenager pulled out a soda bottle full of gasoline and doused Murray and another guard.

It was thrown in my face, it got into my mouth, it s on my clothes, said Murray. That was enough to where as though, I really wanted to go hands on with her. Her intent was to burn us.

Those were the words that she used.

Knight-Brantley is charged with four counts of aggravated assault, one count each of risking a catastrophe and possession of a weapon on school property, and two counts of reckless endangerment.

She has been ordered to have no contact with the security guard or the school and must see a behavioral specialist.

She s being held on $100,000 bond.

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Harrods security guard wins 18,000 payout in coffee row

A Harrods security guard who was awarded 18,000 after being sacked following a row over a cup of coffee today said it was never about the money, it was the principle .

John Perrett claimed he was only following health and safety rules when he stopped merchandise manager Caroline Lyons and PA Chloe Marsh carrying coffee through the department store.

Mr Perrett told the Central London employment tribunal that when he stopped the women going through a staff check area into the store they had been rude and aggressive.

Three weeks later Ms Marsh made a complaint that Mr Perrett was aggressive, dismissive, patronising, and rude . Ms Lyons also accused him of towering over them and there were further allegations. He was dismissed from his 928-a-week job for gross misconduct.

The 6ft 5in former Irish Guardsman claimed he was the subject of a witch hunt and claimed sex discrimination on the grounds that the women s allegations that he had been aggressive were believed and his claims discounted because he is a man .

The tribunal found that he had been unfairly dismissed but that he had not been a victim of sex discrimination.

The executives at Harrods treat people lower down the chain with contempt

The store had not been flouting health and safety regulations.

Mr Perrett, who had sued for 91,000, said: This was never about the money, it was the principle.

The executives at Harrods treat people lower down the chain with contempt.

I was merely doing my job and that s what lost me my job.

A Harrods spokesman said: We are pleased the health and safety and sexual discrimination cases against Harrods were rejected, and although disappointed the Tribunal found Mr Perrett to have been unfairly dismissed, we are satisfied with the decision not to reinstate employment.

“This was due to Mr Perrett s allegations of conspiracy and lies against Harrods employees which the Tribunal said to be unfounded and unsubstantiated.

Harrods welcomes 15 million customers a year to the store and the welfare of our employees and customers will always be a top priority.

We will continue to ensure that our policies and processes help us to maintain the best possible working and shopping environment.

Police hunt thug who attacked security guard during black cab …

Police are hunting for a thug who attacked a security guard during a black cab drivers’ protest at City Hall.

The guard was knocked unconscious after being pushed over as a crowd of 20 protesters forced their way into the building yesterday morning.

Police officers were also injured as scuffles broke out in chaotic scenes during Mayor’s Question Time, police said.

The injured security guard was taken to hospital for treatment but has since been released.

Detectives investigating the attack today released a CCTV image of a man they want to question over the assault.

He is described as white, about 50-years-old, about 6’0″ with a partly shaved head and a receding hairline.

He was wearing black leather trousers, a black leather motorcycle jacket with a light brown stripe along the arms.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Barnes said more CCTV pictures would be released as police attempt to track down the violent protesters.

He said: “This went far beyond peaceful protest and is completely unacceptable.

“Our team are now working through CCTV and will be looking to identify a number of people wanted in relation to this violent incident.

“Today we have released one image of a suspect in relation to the most violent assault on the security guard.

I expect more to follow soon.”